Husky Rescue NZ Charitable Trust

Rescue, Desex, Rehabilitate, Retrain and Rehome of Siberian Huskies in NZ

About Us

Husky Rescue NZ was started in 2009 by Michelle after she became aware of a desperate need for re-homing unwanted or abandoned huskies, alongside a need for better education of potential owners so people who choose a husky as a pet, do so knowing what’s required to enjoy this wonderful breed.

Husky Rescue NZ takes in surrendered or abandoned huskies, checks them out for health, suitability for re-homing, and arranges for them to be de-sexed and vaccinated, micro chipped. They are then cared for until they find a home.

Potential new owners must provide referees, and demonstrate their knowledge of the breed, its requirements and their ability to provide the dog a safe and caring permanent home.


Foster homes

Our foster homes in Christchurch,  Wellington and Te Puke are just awesome people, often helping out of their own pockets. We also have various private people or clubs help out too, for which we are very grateful.

Of special thanks are those below,  who have all done wonderful things with fostering for us in the past or present and no doubt in the future.

Michelle - Founder, Main base Christchurch

Deb & Tony - Our Te Puke main North Island Foster home and fab colleagues!

Greg - Auckland Temporary forster home

Heather & Chris - Wellington temporary foster home and awesome organisers.



We are lucky to have a few amazing volunteers that help keep things ticking over.

Of Special mention are the local and international military members who come out and help walk our dogs.

Special thanks to the students of the Burnham Military Camps Defence Force Health School - many of whom were the first to come and run dogs for us.