Husky Rescue NZ Charitable Trust

Rescue, Desex, Rehabilitate, Retrain and Rehome of Siberian Huskies in NZ

New Christchurch Premises secured! 

Can you give us a helping Paw? - Can you help turn it into a Husky Haven?

Stop the Press! And....Stop the search!

Husky Rescue NZ has found a new home and have the security of commercial lease lengths!

Somewhere between Templeton and Rolleston is a property just scremaing with potential and now we hve to get it up to that potential!

Michelle has obtained this lease property and funded initial expenses with a significant personal loan to secure this property and get started.

But it will cost us approx 100k to 200k of fundraising efforts to get this place sorted for opening later this year. We are aiming for August subject to the main OSH requirements of concreting, divisional kennels and fencing.

So please help by donating now or donating your services if in the building and trade industries.

Husky Rescue NZ 
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This is more than a rescue centre .....It's something we can share... And we can't wait to share this place with you!

We do need the donations of fencing supplies, fencers, plumbers, electricians, builders and concreters, carpet suppliers and layers, Digger operators and more, if you can donate your time and services. Please private message us.

We have some big names coming on board to help and some excited media waiting to find out who is involved - so join us on our adventure now by helping with sponsorship.

This place has a ton of potential and we are so thrilled the awesome company behind it took us on as tenants.

Follow us for updates! And some sneak peaks.

Kind Regards Husky Rescue NZ Team!